Magdalena Chodorowska-Ciećwierz

Magda Chodorowska

Psychologist, psychotherapist, sexuologist. Magdalena received her masters degree in psychology at SWPS University in Warsaw, where she also earned a postgraduate degree in sexuology. She completed a 4-year training in systemic family and individual therapy offered by Wielkopolskie Towarzystwo Terapii Systemowej, as well a two-year specialist course in sex therapy run by Centrum Terapii Lew- Starowicz.

Magdalena further completed a 2-year training in Academic Centre for Psychotherapy and Development. Her professional experience includes working in Zakład Terapii Rodzin in Kraków, in the psychosis and neurosis clinic of the psychiatric hospital in Warsaw, in the Masovian Centre for Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation of Children and Youth in Zagórze, as well as working with families subject to social services. Magdalena specialises in personality disorders, eating disorders and sexual disorders and other sex-related issues. She provides therapy for couples, families and individuals. Her practice is subject to regular supervision.