Zofia Żmijewska

Zofia dom rozwoju

Psychologist, integrative psychotherapist. Graduated SWPS University, currently during 4-years Psychotherapy Training at the Dialog Psychotherapy School.

I graduated from MA studies in the field of Clinical Psychology (USWPS in Warsaw) with a specialization in psychological diagnosis. I am undergoing a four-year Systemic Psychotherapy training at the Dialog Psychotherapy School, accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association. I constantly improve my knowledge and skills by participating in workshops, lectures and conferences about psychotherapy and self-development.


I work in the systemic approach that integrates methods from different psychotherapies. I use Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Schema Therapies, but also Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). If needed, I apply tools from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


In my psychotherapeutic work I value relationship, a sense of security and openness. I base the therapeutic process on respect for boundaries and mindfulness towards the other person.


Individual psychotherapy: I work with adolescents and adults with various difficulties in social and family relations, general crises, looking for their place in life, with somatic symptoms and with people diagnosed with AD(H)D, Autism Spectrum Disorder (incl. Asperger Syndrom), anxiety disorder, depression. I also work with people affected by social exclusion, gender dysphoria and with migration experience.


Parental consultations: I work with parents (individuals or couples) who need support in parenting matters. Sessions with the parent(s) take place without the presence of their child. Parents of a child who is in therapy with me will be invited to meetings accompanied by the child – as part of the child’s therapeutic process.


I am a member of the Polish Society of Psychiatry and Family Therapy Science Section. My therapeutic work is regularly evaluated by qualified supervisors.